Zain Ksa Jawwy Ge301 Course Project Spring X Due


Zain KSA Jawwy GE301 Course Project Spring… X Due Date of report submission: April 15. 2019 bef…

can you solve this questions by hand and by matlab please

Zain KSA Jawwy GE301 Course Project Spring… X Due Date of report submission: April 15. 2019 before 12:00 noon Discussion: April 17 2019 (Schedule will be provided later) Marks distribution: 3 marks for report, 7 marks for discussion NOTE: 1. is your responsibility to protect your work from copying. If any project contains similar material as other, zero mark will be awarded to both projects. 2. Your grades will be affected by the quality of your written report so please ensure that you submit a properly typed report with all the necessary figures and graphs Along with your actual solution, you should also mention your assumptions and why you decided to use a specific numerical technique. You should also show how you verified your result and perform an error analysis Dr. Rashid Khan Engr. Fahad Zahedi / Dr. Aissa Rezzoug Al Imam University
Zain KSA Jawwy GE301 Course Project Spring… X MATH 345 Numerical Methods Session Project Spring 2019 Q1: For electrical circuit, as given in Figure 1, calculate all unknown currents through numerical method. All other parameters are given as shown in Figure 1. Make R-2011 2 R-100 200 volts R_2Ω R-25 6-0 volts Figure 1: An electrical circuit with given voltage difference Q2: A beam, as shown in Figure 2, is subjected to a linearly varying load. The deflection of the beam can be estimated through Eq. (1). Use any numerical method to calculate the location, in x-direction, of maximum deflection. Also, estimate maximum deflection of the beam. Do te calculations for the range of load w.-2 kNam to 40 kN/cm with 2 kN/cm increment. Other parameters of the beam are: E – 50,000 kN/cm2, 30,000 cm Make appropriate assumption, if necessany Figure 2: A beam subjected to linearly varying load Requirements 1. Perform hand calculations and show all necessary steps for at least two iterations 2. Find the solution of both problems from MatLab as well 3. Prepare a report (hand written or typed) and submit within due date


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