Which Of The Following Options Are Correct Acceleration Due To Gravity Decreases With Increasing Altitude

Which of the following options are correct ? (a) Acceleration due to gravity decreases with increasing … is independent of the mass…


(a, c)
Key concept: Acceleration due to Gravity:
The force of attraction exerted by the earth on a body is called gravitational pull or gravity.
We know that when force acts on a body, it produces acceleration. Therefore, a body under the effect of gravitational pull must accelerate.
The acceleration produced in the motion of a body under the effect of gravity is called acceleration due to gravity. It is denoted by g.
Consider a body of mass m lying on the surface of earth then gravitational force on the body is given by

F = GMm/R2

where M- mass of the earth and R = radius of the earth.
The value of acceleration due to gravity vary due to the following factors:
(a) Shape of the earth, (b) Height above the earth surface, (c) Depth below the earth surface and (d) Axial rotation of the earth.