The Maximum Load A Wire Can Withstand Without Breaking When Its Length Is Reduced To Half Of Its Original Length Will

The maximum load a wire can withstand without breaking, when its length is reduced to half of its original … (c) be four times (d)…


When the wire is loaded beyond the elastic limit, then strain increases much more rapidly. The maximum stress corresponding to B (see stress—strain curve) after which the wire begin to flow and breaks, is called breaking stress or tensile strength and the force by application of which the wire breaks is called the breaking force.
(i) Breaking force depends upon the area of cross-section of the wire, i.e. Breaking force ∝ A
Breaking force = P x A
Here P is a constant of proportionality and known as breaking stress.
(ii) Breaking stress is a constant for a given material and it does not depend upon the dimension (length or thickness) of wire.
(iii) If a wire of length L is cut into two or more parts, then again its each part can hold the same weight as breaking force is independent of the length of wire.