State Location Of Following In Flower

State the location of the following in a flower.

  1. Sepals – These are the outermost part of the flower. These are leaf like and green in colour. This is the outer covering of the flower and form outer whorl in a flower. The Calyx (sepals) enclose the inner parts of the flower when it is a bud. It is protective in function.
  2. Petals – Petals form the second whorl inner to the sepals. These are usually coloured, gaudy, or white in colour and scented and give sweet smell. The value of a flower is due to the attractive colour of the petals. These attract the insects for pollination.
  3. Anther – It is present at the end of a stamen. Anther has poller sacs in which pollen grains are formed. Pollen grains contain the male gametes.
  4. Stigma – It is the terminal knob-like part, it may be divided into two or more lobes and assume a feathery appearance. The stigma is covered with hair or with glandular papillae. It serves as the landing place grains for pollen during pollination.