State Location And Function Of Different Types Of Meristem

State the location and function of different types of meristem


Meristem : A meristem or meristematic tissues is a group of cells that are in a continuous state of division and thus continuously produce new cells. Location and function of meristems : On the basis of location and function, the meristems are of the following types:

(1) Apical meristems : These are present at the apices of stems, roots and branches. The activity of the apices of stems, adds to the length of the plant or its part.

(2) Intercalary meristems : These meristems are intercalated in between the permanent tissues. They may be present either at the base of the internode as in the stem of various grasses and wheat; or at the base of the leaf as in pinus; or at the base of a node as in mint. The activities of these meristems also add to the length of the plant or its organs.

(3) Lateral meristems : These meristems are present along the side of the stem. These include cambium and cork cambium. The activity of lateral meristems adds to the thickness of the plant.