State Four Difference Between Compounds And Mixtures

State four difference between compounds and mixtures.

Compound Mixture
1. A compound is a pure substance. 1. A mixture is an impure substance.
2. Compounds are always homogeneous. 2. Mixtures may be homogeneous or heterogeneous.
3. A compound has a fixed composition, i.e., it is formed when two or more pure substances chemically combine in a definite ratio by mass. 3. A mixture has no fixed composition, i.e., it is formed by mixing two or more substances in any ratio without any chemical reaction.
4. Formation of a compound involves change in energy. 4. Formation of a mixture does not involve any change in energy.
5. Compounds have specific set of properties. 5. Mixtures do not have any specific set of properties.
6. Components of compounds can be separated only by complex chemical processes. 6. Components of mixtures can be separated by simple physical methods.