Snakes Are Primary Consumers T F

Mention if the following statements are true (T) or false (F). (a) Snakes are primary consumers (T … they are a constituent of pond…


(a) Snakes are primary consumers (F)
No the snakes are not primary consumers as snakes eat rats and frogs as these are primary consumers which eat plant products. As snakes eat the primary consumers so the snakes are secondary consumers.

(b) Some humans are strictly primary consumers and some others are of other types of consumers also (T)
It is true that humans are vegetarians and eat plants or plant products. So these humans are vegetarian but there are certain humans which eat the flesh or eggs of other animals. These are carnivores and humans living plants are called Herbivores.

(c) No ecosystem can survive without light (T)
The plants and animals and micro-organisms present at a place and interacting with the atmosphere like sun light, air, water, soil and warmth and dwelling at a place like, pond, desert, forest, rock form the ecosystem as pond ecosystem, desert ecosystem forest ecosystem. So ecosystem cannot survive without the presence of light. As the flora (plants) living in that ecosystem can only make food in the presence of light and the animals (Fauna) living in that ecosystem get the food from the plants of that ecosystem. So flora in that area cannot survive in that area without light and animals living in that area will not get the food and the plants and animals will perish and the ecosystem cannot survive.

(d) Cattle go to ponds for drinking water, so they are a constituent of pond ecosystem (F)
Cattles likes tigers, lions, cows, deers, buffaloes, go to take water from the pond and return to their dwellings as tigers, deers etc. come to the forest so they form a forest ecosystem. But plants like hydrilla, Vallisneria, lotus etc. and animals like frogs, beetles, fish live in the pond and form the pond ecosystem. But animals like buffalo which come only to take~water cannot form a part of the pond ecosystem.