Write an essay on- "Small steps of fuel conservation can make a big change" in 750 words.


Small steps of fuel conservation can make a big change

Fuel is a material that is used in burning or heating something to produce an energy. Almost everything we use is dependent on fuel. From cooking to automobile manufacture and working, fuel plays an indispensable role. Life without fuel is almost impossible to imagine. But, currently, we are facing a huge fuel crisis.

Due to lack of fuel, it is being imported from other countries at a very high price. This can alter the economic development in India. Even in petrol pumps, we find that cost of petrol is rising gradually. We all have also heard about the tactics played in petrol pumps – this is because of the rising demands for petroleum.

Burning of fuel can produce energy and harmful substances that can be mixed in the air. This can in-turn effect our health is a bad manner. They also cause harm to plants and animals. Environment gets suffered and global warming makes it’s way. Thus, fuel conservation must be given a place in the society.

Fuel can be conserved by proper use of vehicles. Fuel consuming vehicles must not be used for near distances. Bicycles and walking must be encouraged. Opting these methods can provide physical exercise to our body, and maintain proper health. Health and fuel conservation go hand in hand.  

Carpooling must be encouraged in a broad manner. Unnecessary filling of petrol vehicles can cause fuel wastage. Petrol must be recharged in vehicles only when required. Air conditioners must not be used every time, they should be only used during extreme heat. Unnecessary weights in the car must be avoided.

Saving fuel is just as important as fuel production. Saving fuel, saves our money too. Fuel conservation must be practiced as a daily habit. The awareness of fuel conservation must be spread for a better future. Conserve fuel for a better future!