Small Scale Enterprises Exist In Every Part Of India

Small scale enterprises exist in every part of India. If you had a work given to identify … , what features you may remember of such…


I would remember following features of small scale industries that would also help me in
recognising it
(i) Personal Character Small scale unit is generally owned and managed by a single entrepreneur. Thus, personal character is a main feature of this enterprise.
(ii) Limited Investment A small scale enterprise requires less capital investment because it does not employ highly mechanised means of production.
(iii) Limited*Area of Operation A small scale enterprise generally operates in a compact area but can export the products all over the world.
(iv) Located in Rural .and Semi Urban Areas Most of the small scale enterprises are located in rural or semi urban areas due to easy availability of labour.
(v) Independent Management Small scale enterprises are generally managed by the owners
only. So, there is the advantage of direct motivation, personal care, secrecy, flexibility, sound judgement, etc.