Mention The Reason When Can General Or National Emergency Be Declared And Three Consequences Of Emergency Be Declared Under Article 352 Of The Constitution

Mention the reason, when can General or National Emergency be declared and three consequences of … declared under Article 352 of the…


General or National Emergency: The President may declare a General Emergency at any time if he is satisfied that the security of India or any part is in danger or is likely to be in danger either due to war or external aggression or armed rebellion. This type of emergency is proclaimed under Article 352 of the Constitution. If emergency under Article 352 is declared, it has the following impacts:
(i) The President becomes the sole administrator of the country.
(ii) The Federal structure of the country is converted into a unitary one.
(iii) The Governor of the States act in accordance with his instructions.
(iv) The exercise of Fundamental Rights including Right to Constitutional remedies is suspended.