Match Items Of Column I With Items Of Column Ii

Match items of column I with items of column II.


The correct matching is

Gymnosperms (gym/io-naked; sperma-seed) bear most primitive seeds which are naked and not enclosed within a fruit. Angiosperms (angio-covered; sperma-seed) bear seeds which develop inside the embryo which modifies to become fruit. Euglena is a genus of unicellular flagellate, protists. Species of Euglena are found in fresh and salt water. Pteridophyta are first land plants, having vascular tissues for e.g. fern (Marselia, Azolla, Pteris etc). Bryophyta are called amphibians of plant kingdom because they live on both land as well as water, e.g., Marchantia (livers worts). Thallophyta (or thallus like organisation) do not have well differentiated body design. e.g., Cladophora.