Given Reason Freezing Of Water To Ice And Evaporation Of Water Are Physical Changes

Given reason: (a) Freezing of water to ice and evaporation of water are physical changes. (b) … is a physical change, though it…


(a) Freezing of water to ice and evaporation of water are physical change because water can be brought back to its original (liquid) form by

  1. We can heat the ice to bring it back to water.
  2. We can cool down the vapours to bring it back to water.

(b) When a candle is lighted, some of the solid wax first melts and turns into liquid, then it turns into vapours to produce a flame. New substances CO2 and H2O vapours are formed alongwith the evolution of light and heat energy. This shows a chemical change. When some of the molten wax drops to the floor, it again solidifies. Which shows a physical change. Thus the melting of candle wax is a physical change and the production of CO2 and H2O represents chemical change.

(c) When a piece of paper is burnt a new substance ash is produced. Even when the burning is stopped, the ash cannot be changed back into paper. This shows that the formation of the ash from paper is a permanent and irreversible change.

(d) Because it does not change chemical composition of cloth and the change is only in the state, size, shape, colour, texture or the smell of some or all of the substances that undergo physical change.