Give The Difference In The Function Between The Following Parts Ovary And Ovule

Give the difference in the function between the following parts: (a) Ovary and ovule (b) Petal and sepal (c) Filament and style (d)…


(a) Ovary and ovule —

  1. Ovary is the female reproductive part of a flower and ovules are located inside the ovary.
  2. Ovary after fertilization turns into a fruit whereas ovules turn into seeds of fruit.

(b) petal and sepal – Petals are colourful and attractive and helps to attract insects for pollination whereas the main function of sepals is to provide protection to the growing bud.
(c) filament and style – The filament is a stalk like structure that attaches and support the flower and support the anther which is the structure that produces pollens whereas the style transfers the male gametes of the pollen grains into the ovary.
(d) pollen and ovule –  The function of pollen is to deliver male gametes (sperm) from stamen of a plant to an ovule whereas ovule, when fertilized, well developed into a seed. It is a female reproductive cell.