Forms Entertainment Came Nineteenth Century England Provide Leisure Activities People

What forms of entertainment came up in nineteenth century England to provide leisure activities for … to provide leisure activities…


Forms of entertainment that came up in nineteenth-century England to provide leisure activities for the people were aplenty

(i) For wealthy Britishers: There was the Annual London season for wealthy britishers. It was annual cultural event that was held in London including operas, classical music performances,

(ii) Working class people: They usually met in pubs to have a drink, exchange news and sometimes they also organize political meetings to discuss the issues.

(iii) Common people: Several types of large-scale entertainment for the common people came into being. Libraries, art galleries and museums were 19th century to provide people with a sense of history and pride in the achievements of the British

(iv) Lower classes: Music halls were popular among the lower classes. By the early 20th century cinema became the great entertainment for mixed audience.

(v) Industrial workers: British industrial workers preferred to spend their holidays by the sea, so as to derive the benefits of the sun and bracing winds.