Formation Of Muslim League And Home Rule Movement Had Wholesome Effect Affairs Of Country

The formation of the Muslim League and the Home Rule Movement had a wholesome effect on the … leading to the formation of the Muslim…


Factors which led to the formation of the League: The Muslim League was formed on 30th December, 1906. The three factors leading to the formation of Muslim League are given below:
(i) British attitude: As the national movement spread the British felt that the movement unite the people of India resulting in a threat to the British empire. United people could not be subjugated for long. The British tired to do all they could to keep the people disunited. Then by inciting one community against the other divided the people and encouraged communal and separatist attitude.
(ii) Partial Attitude of Hindu Activism: The radical nationalist, no doubt with sincere intentions, in order to justify India’s past in advertently adopted a partisan attitude. While glorifying Shivaji and Rana Pratap they obliterated any mention to the contribution made by Mughal rulers. This was totally against the prevailing social milieu of a mixed culture. This was misinterpreted by wasted interest and cause a schism between Hindu and Muslim resulting in aloofness to downright oppositions to national movement in a dominant section of Muslim society.
(iii) Policy of Divide and Rule: The British realised the Hindu Muslim unity. The best way to safeguard their own interest and rule would be to put up the Hindu and Muslim against each other. So they deliberately followed the policy of Divide and Rule. Lord Curzon, with a view to divide a country on communal lines, partition Bengal, replacement of Urdu by Hindi in courts also adds the fuel to the fire.