Forest Are National Wealth Illustrate Your Answer With Suitable Examples

(a) ‘Forest are the National Wealth’. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples


(a) It is quite proper to say that forests are the national wealth.
(i) Forests not only add to the beauty of a country but they are also an important source of many useful products.
(ii) The wood that we get from the forests, it is important for building and construction purposes, for railway track, ship building, furniture and for fuel. In India, many industries are based on the forest products.
(iii) We get the sandalwood, gums, resins, turpentine oil, honey, herbs, lac, etc from forests.
(iv) Grass grown in forests is used for grazing the cattle, sheep, camel, etc. To great extent, the shortage for fodder is also made up by these forests.
(b) From the given statement, I have learnt that forests play an important role in the life of a nation and make a great contribution in the creation of economic structure of a country.