Differentiate Between Natural Reflex And Conditioned Reflex

Differentiate between natural reflex and conditioned reflex. Give examples to illustrate your answer.


Natural reflex: It is one in which no previous experience or learning is required. These reflexes are inborn i.e. inherited from the parents.
Examples are

  1. Blinking, coughing, sneezing as these are protective reflexes
  2. Salivation, swallowing, peristalsis as it provides functional efficiency.
  3. Dilation of the eyes pupil to look in the dark and vice versa. It is muscular movement.
  4. Pushing along of swallowed food through the food canal. It is muscular movement.

Conditioned Reflex: It is one which develops during lifetime due to experience or learning.
Examples are:

  1. Watering of mouth (Salvination) at the sight of a tasty food.
  2. Surfing the channels while watching the television.
  3. Typing of a keyboard of a computer.
  4. Playing a musical instrument.