Define Following Terms Gain Loss Hydrogen With One Example Each Oxidation And Reduction

(a) Define the following in terms of gain or loss of hydrogen with one example each: (i) … (i) substance oxidized, and (ii)…


(a) (i) H2S + Cl2  S + 2HCl

In this reaction, H2S is changing into S. That is, Hydrogen is being removed from hydrogen sulphide. Now, by definition, the removal of hydrogen from a compound is called oxidation, so, we can say that hydrogen sulphide is being oxidised to sulphur. On the other hand, Cl2 is changing into HCl. That is, hydrogen is being added to chlorine. By definition, the addition of hydrogen to a substance is called reduction, so we can say that chlorine is being reduced to hydrogen chloride.

(b) 2Mg + O2 2MgO

(i) Mg (ii) O2