Define Following Pure Substance

Define the following : (a) Pure substance (b) Impure substance (c) Alloy (d) Solution (e) Heterogeneous mixture (f) Homogeneous mixture


(a) Pure substance : “Pure Substance is either element or compound. It contains the same kind of atom or molecules and has a definite set of physical and chemical properties.”
(b) Impure substance : “A substance in which some other substances are also present in smaller or larger amounts is called an impure substance. Mixtures are impure substance.
Example of impure substance is air.
(c) Alloy : “A homogeneous solid mixture of two or more metals or a metal and a non-metal is called an alloy.”
(d) Solution : “The homogeneous mixture of water (or any other solvent) and a substance soluble in it is called a solution.”
(e) Heterogeneous mixture : “A mixture in which the components are not uniformally distributed through its volume and can be easily seen separately is called heterogeneous mixture.”
(f) Homogeneous mixture : “A mixture in which its constituents are uniformly distributed throughout its volume and cannot be seen separately is called a homogenous mixture.”