Define Filtration

Define: (a) Filtration (b) Sublimation (c) Evaporation (d) Crystallisation (e) Miscible liquids (f) Immiscible liquids


(a) Filtration : The process of separating solid particles from liquid by allowing it to pass through a filter paper is called filtration.
(b) Sublimation : The process in which a solid changes directly into its vapours on heating is called sublimation.
(c) Evaporation : Is the process of converting a liquid into its vapours state either by exposing it to air or by heating.
(d) Crystallisation : Evaporation of liquid from a homogeneous liquid-solid mixture and collecting solid in the form of crystals is called
(e) Miscible liquids: Homogeneous liquid-liquid mixtures are called miscible liquids.
(f) Immiscible liquids : Heterogeneous liquid-liquid mixtures are called immiscible liquids.