Define Evolution How Does Occur Describe How Fossils Provide Evidences Support Evolution

Define evolution. How does it occur ? Describe how fossils provide us evidences in support of evolution.


Evolution is defined as a process of gradual changes which takes in primary organisms over millions of years in which new species are produced. Evolution occurs through the changes which takes place in the organisms since the life has originated. Moreover, there is a tendency to bring variation in the offspring’s during sexual reproduction which results in evolution. Fossils are defined as the dead remains of plants and animals that lived in remote past. Dead plants and animals are decomposed by the microorganisms in presence of oxygen and moisture. The complex substances are broken into simpler substances but sometimes in absence of oxygen and moisture, the dead bodies are not decomposed completely and gets preserved in form of fossils in the rocks. The presence of fossils proves the evolution such as one of the example of Fossil is: A bird Archaeopteryx has many characteristics of reptiles and seems to be evolved from reptiles.