Define Electric Current

Define electric current. What is the SI unit of electric current. One coulomb of charge flows through … the voltage is 10 MV, what…


(a) Electric current is the flow of electric charges (electrons) in a conductor such as a metal wire.

SI unit of electric current is ampere.

(b) 1 ampere.

(c) An ammeter is used to measure electric current. It should be connected in series with the circuit.

(d) Conventional direction of flow of electric current is from positive terminal of a battery to the negative terminal, through the outer circuit. The direction of flow of electrons is opposite to the direction of conventional current, i.e. from negative terminal to positive terminal.

(e) Q = 10C, t = 0.01s

I = Q/t = 10/0.01 = 1000 A

p.d. = W/Q

W = P.d. × Q

= 10 × 106 × 10 = 100 × 106 = 100 MJ

Energy = work done = 100 MJ