Choose The Correct Alternatives (A) For A General Rotational Motion Angular Momentum L And Angular Velocity Ω Need Not Be Parallel

Choose the correct alternatives: (a) For a general rotational motion, angular momentum L and … acceleration a and velocity v are…


(a, c) .
(a) For a general rotational motion where axis of rotation is not symmetric. Angular momentum Z and angular velocity 0) need not be parallel. The wobbly motion of a wheel rotating about an axis inclined at a small angle to the symmetry axis of the wheel represents a situation where angular momentum and angular velocity are not parallel.
(b) Fixed axis should pass through CM of the body, so it is not necessary angular momentum Z and angular velocity ω are always parallel.
(c) As we know in a general translational motion linear momentum is given by, p = mv , hence, direction of p is always along v .
(d) In projectile motion, v and a are not always parallel.