Can One Bum Piece Of Paper Daylight Just Using Convex Lens Instead Match Or Any Direct Flame

Can one bum a piece of paper in daylight by just using a convex lens instead of a match or … answer with the help of an appropriate…


Yes, it is possible to burn a piece of paper, in daylight, by using a convex lens instead of a match or any other direct flame.


We know that a convex lens brings a beam of parallel incident rays to a focus at its focal point. The rays of the sun (practically an infinite distance source) form a parallel incident beam. When they are allowed to fall on a convex lens, they get focussed at its focal point. If a piece of paper is kept at this focal point, all the (large) heat energy of this parallel beam gets concentrated at this point. This (concentrated heat energy) is often sufficient to burn the piece of paper. The required ray diagram is as shown in figure.