Can Formal Sector Loans Made Beneficial For Poor Farmers Workers Suggest Any Five Measures

How can the formal sector loans be made beneficial for poor farmers and workers ? Suggest any five measures.


1. Formal sector loans can be made beneficial for poor farmers and workers by generating the appropriate level of awareness among them as to why they should borrow credit from formal sources and not informal sources.

 2. The awareness of low rates of interest and repayment of loans at low costs would help in attracting borrowers from the lower sections of the society. At the same time, the process of taking loans should be made convenient in accordance with their needs.

3. The no. of banks and cooperatives needs to be increased especially in small towns and rural areas so that the credit facilities can be easily available in proximity (nearby).

4. The exploitative practices of the informal sector render the small traders and workers helpless and force them into a debt trap. Therefore, the formal sources need to reach the targeted group of small-scale traders and business persons in order to generate healthy growth and prosperity.

 5. The expansion of formal sources is not the only criteria. This makes it necessary that everyone receives these services and they are not only limited to the rich households. This has to be ensured by the formal sector.