Can Anyone Please Give Me 4 Mins Speech On Senior Citizens For Asl

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Losing a loved one is hard. Losing a loved one is even harder whenever you don’t really have anyone there to comfort you except for yourself and your brother and sister. When Mary Bekka’s father was killed in World War 2, she had to be the person there for her brother and sister. She acted as the role model for them in a time whenever they didn’t have parents around. Mary Bekka was born in 1929 and grew up in Aliquippa. She was the oldest child out of 3 children, herself, a brother and a sister. She spent most of her childhood years living in Aliquippa. Her father worked in a steel mill for as long as she can remember, and her mother stayed at home to take care of the house and to take care of the kids. Despite the fact that her father had a full time job there still was not much money around the house. The whole family had to make due with what they had, and although there was not much money around, they were happy. She would go to school everyday and meet up with her friends. After school her and all her friends would play until they had to go eat dinner. She had the average life of a child in the 1930’s until sometime in the 1940’s. Mary says she does not remember the exact year. Her life drastically changed though. Her father was drafted to fight in World War 2. This hit the family hard. Mary was never really close with her father, but the fact that he was going to be away fighting a war scared and upset her. After he left they went on trying to live life normally, like how it was before he went away. For a while everything felt so different to her because she went from seeing her father everyday to not seeing him at all. After a few months everything seemed like it was back to normal and although Mary missed her father, she was comfortable with him not being around. It right about this time when the family received a letter in the mail, stating that Mary’s father, Gerald Bekka, was killed in action. Everyone was devast..