Calculate Value Of Kp For Equation

Calculate the value of Kp for the equation C(s)+CO2(g)<->2CO(g) Kp=? given that at a certain temperature C(s ……


C(s)+2H2O(g)<->CO2(g)+2H2(g) Kp1=3.33

H2(g)+CO2(g)<->H2O(g)+CO(g) Kp2=.733

Multiply equation 2 by 2 and add to equation 1 to obtain:
C(s) + 2H2O + 2H2 + 2CO2 ==> CO2 + 2H2 + 2H2O + 2CO
Notice 2H2O cancels, 2H2 cancels, 1 CO2 cancels to leave
C(s) + CO2 ==> 2CO
Kp for eqn 1 is Kp1 as listed. Kp for equation 2 multiplied by 2 is K^2p and is K’p2 (0.733)^2. That’s because when you multiply and equation by a coefficient(n) the k values is k^n.