Calculate Oxidation Number Of Each Sulphur Atom In Following Compounds

Calculate the oxidation number of each sulphur atom in the following compounds: (a) Na2S2O3 ( … (c)…


let  x=  oxidation number of   sulphur, and    +1  is   oxidation number of  Na,   -2  is  oxidation number of  O,

also  assume total charge on compound = 0 then solving we get.

(a)   +2 +2x -6=0

x= +2

b)   +2 +4x -12=0

x= +2.5

c) +2 +x -6=0

x= +4

d)  +2 +x -8=0

x= +6

(a) Na2S2O3 

Thus, the oxidation states of two S atoms in Na2S2O3 are -2 and +6.
(b) Na2S4O6