Author Has Drawn Powerful Images And Pictures

The author has drawn powerful images and pictures. Pick out three examples each of (i) the atmosphere … things he sees (iii) the…


(i) The author has drawn powerful images and pictures of the atmosphere of ‘febrile confusion’ outside the temple of Pashupatinath. These include the following: a group of saffron-clad Westerners struggling to enter the main gate as only Hindus were allowed to enter the temple; a fight that breaks out between two monkeys; and a royal Nepalese princess for whom everyone makes way.

(ii) The author sees the white dome of Baudhnath Stupa, which was ringed by a road; small shops selling felt bags, Tibetan prints and silver jewellery; and a flute seller holding a pole carrying 50-60 flutes.

(iii) The author hears film songs blaring out from the radios; car horns and bicycle bells; and hawkers’ cries.