Attempt Character Sketch Of Mr Gilman

Attempt a character sketch of Mr. Gilman.


Mr. Gilman was the principal of the Cambridge School of Young Ladies. A kind, intelligent and able man, Mr. Gilman was always ready to help Helen as a teacher, mentor, and interpreter. Though he was a busy man he would spend time with Helen, trying to help her the best he could in her endeavors towards learning. He was a kind-hearted person; always concerned about Helen and her education. He was also most sympathetic towards Helen and her special circumstances and showed a lot of patience with her. During her examinations, he used to read out whole question papers to her and acted as her eyes during her stay in Cambridge. Being generous, he even let Milred, Helen’s sister, study at Cambridge with her. But due to a difference of opinion on Helen’s preparing period for college and a misunderstanding with Miss Sullivan, Helen’s mother was forced to withdraw both her daughters from Cambridge School.