Atoms Progressively Become Smaller When From Sodium Chlorine Third Period Periodic Table

(a) Why does the size of the atoms progressively become smaller when we move from sodium (Na) to … What, if anything, do their atoms…


(a) As we move from Na to Cl in the 3rd period, the size of the atoms of the elements decreases. Na atom is the biggest whereas Cl atom is the smallest in size. As we move from left to right in a period, the atomic no. of elements increases i.e. the number of protons and electrons in the atoms increases. Due to large positive charge on nucleus, the electrons are pulled in more close to the nucleus and thus the size of the atom decreases from Na to Cl.

(b) Helium and neon atoms have completely filled outermost electron shells (containing the maximum number of electrons which can be accommodated in them).