Atomic Number Of Element Is 16 Predict

The atomic number of an element is 16. Predict. (i) the number of valence electrons in its atom; … by it; (vi) the formula of it…


(i) The atomic number of element is 16. Electronic configuration will be 2.8.6 So, the number of valence electrons in its atom – 6

(ii) Since, it requires 2 more electrons to obtain the stable gas configuration. So the valency is 2

(iii) The Group number is given by 10 + no. of valence electrons = 10+6 =16

(iv) The given element is a non-metal.

(V) Since non-metals forms acidic oxides, so the nature of oxide will be acidic.

(vi) The formula for its chloride will be given as follows:

The valences will be cross multiplied and thus give the formula as: XCI.