At Every Stage Of Life Man Has To Make Crucial Decisions Keeping In Mind Robert Frosts Poem

At every stage of life, man has to make crucial decisions.Keeping in mind Robert Frost’s poem, … a decision that changed the course…


Everyone comes across a problem in life in which he has to take a decision which can change his life.The decision can prove to be wrong as its impact on our future is unpredictable. Consequences of wrong choices will have to be faced by the person himself. Nonetheless, the decision has to be is not always a risky business.The choice may be crowned with success too as it happened in the case of the poet himself. The poet, once, came across a junction when his path diverged into two.He wanted to experience both the situations, but the decision had to be made. It was ultimately his choice of that particular road which changed his life.The poet adopted the less travelled path, faced problems but later achieved both success and fame not only in England, but in America too. One cannot get everything in life.He has to take a decision and stick to it.Tough decisions make him stand out in the crowd. We should accept challenges and be ready to take risks in order to succeed in life.