Assertive Nationalism Played Important Role In Freedom Movement Of India

The assertive nationalism played an important role in the freedom movement of India. In this … they advocated for the achievement of…


The Assertives believed that the British Government would never pay heed to the constitutional methods. The only way left open for the Assertives was to put popular pressure upon the British Government to concede the Indian demand of total independence of the country. To achieve this aim, the Assertives proposed three ways: (a) Swadeshi, (b) Boycott and (c) National education. They urged the people to use Swadeshi goods, and boycott the English goods. It would have served double purpose i.e our own economy would improve and the British goods would find no place in India. It would have also popularised our handicrafts. It would give a sense of pride to our people. The Assertives wanted schools and colleges run by Indian societies and not by Government. For this they appealed to the students to boycott Government schools and colleges. Special national institutions were started all over the country. Many revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, and Batukeshwar Dutt were the products of such institutions.
The Assertives succeeded in spreading National Movement all over the country. The volunteers and students picketed shops and centers where English goods were sold. They made bonfires of the English goods.