As Punishment Quelch Was Put On Kitchen Duties

As a punishment Quelch was put on kitchen duties. Imagine yourself as the author of the … explaining the reason for giving him…


10 Green House
Mountain Top, MA
3rd March, 20…….

Dear George Hope you’re fine!
Thank you for reading my story. You have protested against the unjust punishment given to Private Quelch. You will agree with me that showing off one’s knowledge to belittle others in public is not a minor offence. It can infuriate anyone. Corporal Turnbull, if you remember, is a severe, hardy person.
How can he ignore anyone’s snub ? He acts as per his character traits. If he does not punish the Professor he will be acting against his own nature. So he sends him to kitchen so that he dare not cross his path again. Private Quelch, according to me, deserves punishment, and that is the message of the story : don’t cross the limits of decency even if you’re right.
Hope you’ll agree with me. Or we can agree to disagree. What do you say ?
Yours sincerely