Anti Partition Agitation Of 1905 Was Essentially Aimed At Undoing Partition Of Bengal

Anti-Partition Agitation of 1905 was essentially aimed at undoing the Partition of Bengal. In this context what limitations did the…


The Anti-Partition Agitation suffered from many limitations which are often described as causes of the failure of the Movement. First of all the agitationists though spoke about overthrowing the British, they had no plan to provide any alternative Government in India. The Swadeshi and Boycott Movement focused only on economic aspects of the programme. It was not used as a political weapon to destabilise the Government. It had the potential of causing such a Revolution but nothing of that sort was done. Even the Congress remained a divided house between the Moderates and Assertives and the doors had finally to be closed to the Assertives at the Surat session of the Congress in 1907. These limitations however don’t undermine the significance of the Anti-Partition Movement.