Answer Questions With Respect To Following Diagram

Answer the questions with respect to the following diagram: (i) Name the charged particles emitted from … ) Why is it necessary to…


(i) ‘Electrons’. The phenomenon of emission of these particles is called “thermionic emission”.
(ii) Radiation B is called “X-rays”.
(iii) The material of the target C is “tungsten.”
(iv) The properties of radiation B differ from those of visible light are:
(a) These radiations can penetrate through the substances which are opaque to visible light.
(b) They destroy the living cells.
(v) The wavelength of radiation B depends upon:
(a) Potential difference applied between cathode and anode.
(b) Material of the target.
(vi) Uses:
(a) In the field of medical science (X-rays photography used in surgery)
(b) In scientific work (to study crystal structure).
(vii) A large amount of heat is produced when the high kinetic energy electrons strike the target. Therefore it is necessary to cool the tube.