Answer In Brief Why Is River Water Unfit For Drinking

Answer in brief: (a) Why is river water unfit for drinking? (b) Why is tap water a mixture? ( … f) how is water in swimming pool kept…


(a) River water contains mineral salts, suspended impurities like clay, sand particles, organic matter and bacteria and is not fit for drinking.
(b) Tap water contains, minerals, air, chlorine and other dissolved impurities that varies from place to place, therefore it is a mixture.
(c) Mineral water is pure water fit for drinking. It is collected from natural source and contains air, minerals and salts free from suspended impurities, harmful bacteria and germs.
(d) Adding bleaching powder to water, kills germs and harmful bacteria and viruses present in water.
(e) Chemically pure water for laboratories is obtained-by distillation. Distilled water does not contain any salt or mineral
(f) Water in swimming pool kept free from infections and germs by chlorination i.e. treating water with chlorine gas.