Answer Following Questions In Short

Answer the following questions in short: (a) In which form is water present in the atmosphere … taste of spring water differs at…


(a) Water is present in the form of water vapours in the atmosphere.
(b) Sea water contains highest concentration of salt.
(c) Rain water is the purest form of water as it is distilled water i.e. water from surface of earth has evaporated and then vapours condense in the atmosphere.
(d) The impurities present in rain water are dust and dissolved gases like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide and these gases are not poisonous, rain water is safe for drinking.
(e) Level of ground water is called water table.
(f) Spring water is free from suspended impurities and germs (harmful bacteria) as water has been filtered through different layers of soil and is fit for drinking. Spring water contains dissolved impurities which are due to the nature of soil surrounding the spring and cannot be used for laboratory purposes, where distilled water free from impurities is needed.
(g) Spring water contains unsolved impurities which have entered the water from surrounding soil and soil impurities (salts) differ from place to place. Hence taste of water differs from place to place.