Angles Of Cyclic Quadrilateral Abcd Are В€ A 6x 10 В° В€ B 5x В° В€ C X Y В° And В€ D 3y 10 В°

The angles of a cyclic quadrilateral ABCD are ∠A – (6x +10)°, ∠B = (5x)°, ∠C = (x+ y)° and … °.Find x and y and hence the…


We know that, by property of cyclic quadrilateral,
Sum of opposite angles = 180°
∠A + ∠C = (6x + 10)° + (x + y)° = 180°

Hence, the required values of x and y are 20° and 30° respectively and the values of the four angles ;.e., ZA, ZB, ZC and ZD are 130°, 100°, 50° and 80°, respectively.