Analyse Role Of Popular Struggles In Development Of Democracy

Analyse the role of popular struggles in the development of democracy.


The smooth functioning of a democracy lies in a no. of factors. The elements of democracy including public participation, pressure groups and other groups and media, all play an equal role. The struggles in Nepal and Bolivia were aimed at different causes; however, elements involved in these struggles are also determinants of the outcome of democracy and therefore stand relevant to the study of democracies. 1. The Nepalese struggle was carried out by the people in the path of restoring democracy while the struggle that took place in Bolivia was against privatization and subsequent increase in prices of water after the government sold the rights to an MNC Despite the differences in the nature of the movements as well as their respective objectives, the two stories shared some elements relevant to the study of democracy. 2. Both these instances involved political conflict that led to popular struggles. In both the cases, the struggle involved mass mobilization and public protests and demonstrations along with a critical role of the political organizations. 3. These two instances reflect the values that democracy upholds. The power of popular struggles and the urge to bring about a change is the most radical element. NOTE- The tools of democratic setup – public participation, mass mobilization and the political organizations are the game changers. They significantly play the role of a watchdog. keeping in mind the benefit of all.