Analyse Any Four Features Of Gudem Rebellion Of Andhra Pradesh

Analyse any four features of Gudem rebellion of Andhra Pradesh.


(i) The Gudem rebellion spread in response to the Non Cooperation Movement in 1921.
(ii) In the Gudem Hills of Andhra Pradesh, a militant guerrila movement spread in the early 1920s under the leadership of Alluri Sitaram Raju Against forest laws.
(iii) The rebels proclaimed that he was an incarnation of God as he could make correct astrological predictions and heal people.
(iv) Raju talked of the greatness of Mahatma . Gandhi and was inspired by Non Cooperation Movement, and persuaded people to wear Khadi and give up drinking. But at the same time he asserted that India could be liberated only by the use of force.
(v) The Gudem rebels attacked police station, attempted to kill British officials and carried on guerrilla warfare for achieving swaraj. Raju was arrested and executed in 1924.

The features of Gudem rebellion were:
• The tribals adopted guerilla warfare
• Led by forest societies
• The methods adopted by the tribals to attain swaraj was violent and force.