Alongside Figure Shows Combination Movable Pulley With Fixed Pulley Used For Lifting Load

The alongside figure shows the combination of a movable pulley P1 with a fixed pulley P2 used for … the weight of the pulley P1 and…


 (i) It is quite difficult to apply effort in the upward direction, if no fixed pulley P2 is used. The fixed pulley changes the direction of effort from upwards to downwards, making the application of the effort more convenient and easier.

(ii) As the movable pulley doubles the effort, Force, L = 2T

i.e., W = 2T

Mechanical advantage M.A. = 2T/T = 2

And  V.R = Distance travelled by effort/Distance travelled  by load = 2x/x = 2

The distance travelled by load is half the distance moved by effort = x/2.

(iii) Since W = 2T or 20 kgf = 2T Here, T = effort

∴ Effort applied = 20/2 = 10 kgf.