All Of Following Would Result In Change In Population Size Except

All of the following would result in a change in population size except A. equal birth and death … D. the death rates exceeding…


Equal birth and death rates would result in no change in the population size. The correct option in regards to the question given is option "A". When the number of children born are same to the number of people dying, then the birth rate would be negated by the death rate. Ultimately there would be no change in the population. In case of option "B" when people are immigrating into the population, then the number of population is bound to rise and thus there would be a change in population size. In case of option "C" when people are moving out of a population, then the totyal population will decrease and ultimately it changes the number of population. In case of option "D" when the number of people dying exceeds the number of children being born, then the total population is bound to rise.