Agriculture Backbone Indian Economy Declining Share Agriculture Matter Serious Concern

Agriculture had been the backbone of the Indian economy. But the declining share of agriculture … concern. Explain the meaning of…


Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy because: 

(i) In India, about 63% people were engaged in agriculture sector in 2001. 

(ii) Share in GDP was more than 40% in 1973. 

(iii) Raw materials for secondary sectors are mostly supplied by agriculture. But now, the share of agriculture is declining in the GDP year by year. So, it is a matter of serious concern for all. 

(iv) Share of agriculture in the G.D.P. has declined from 44% to 24% during 1973 to 2003. 

(v) The primary sector continues to be the largest employer even in 2000 but the production has not increased by this rate.