Agriculture And Industry Move Hand In Hand Elucidate

Agriculture and industry move hand in hand.’ Elucidate. … industry are complimentary to each other.’ Justify…


A close relationship exists between agriculture and manufacturing industries. Each of them compliment each other.
Each of them serves as market for goods produced by the other and in the process raises demand for each other’s goods.
For example, the agro-based industries, like textiles, sugar, etc., depend upon agriculture for raw materials. These industries have given a major boost to agriculture by raising their demand and hence, productivity. Manufacturing industries sell the products such as irrigation pumps, fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, plastic and PVC pipes, agricultural machineries and tools, etc., to the farmers. Agriculture serves as their market and effects their development.
These inputs from industries assists agriculturists in increasing productivity as well as have made the production processes very efficient.