Agriculture And Industry Are Complementary To Each Other Explain With Five Examples

‘Agriculture’ and ‘Industry’ are complementary to each other." Explain with five examples.


Agriculture and Industry move hand in hand. For Example

1. The agro-based industries in India have given a major boost to the overall increased productivity in the agricultural sector.

 2. Various industries, for instance, the cotton textile industry often depend on the agricultural sector to provide inputs such as cotton.

3. Industries also provide inputs such as irrigation pumps, fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, plastic and PVC pipes, machines and other kinds of tools to the farmers for smoothly carrying out the agricultural process

4. Overall, manufacturing industries have not only assisted agriculturalists in increasing their production but have also made the processes involved in production much effective and efficient.

5. The development of various modes of transportation has also provided the farmers with access to larger markets, thus, enabling them to carry out a trade at a greater level.