Again Letter Wandas Father Writes Mason Wandas Teacher Petronski Formal Letter English

Look again at the letter which Wanda’s father writes to Miss Mason, Wanda’s teacher. Mr. … more ask why funny name.’) Write complete…


Types of Letters :

Formal Letters

Informal letter

Business Letters

The Format of a Formal Letter:

1. Sender’s Address

2. Date

3.Receiver’s address with name



6. Letter content

7. Last complimentary words

8. Sender’s Name LetterBoggins Heights U.S.A. 17th Sep, 20xx

Miss Mason

8. Bridge Lane

Respected Madam

I would like bring to your notice that my daughter, Wanda Petronski, has complained to me that the students of her class make fun of name and her dresses. This behavior has affected her mind badly. Now she does not want to go to school anymore. It is not good for a reputed school to have such unruly behaving students in a class. However, I have taken a decision that my daughter will not come to your school as we are moving to Chicago where we will not face such problems.

Yours sincerely

Jan Petronski