After Termination Of Second World War Freedom Movement Entered New Phase

After the termination of the Second World War the freedom movement entered a new phase. In this context briefly describe the proposals…


 Lord Wavell, then proposed Wavell’s plan, which contained the following characteristic features:
(i) The British Government aimed at granting Dominion Status to India in the long-run.
(ii) Indians would be themselves responsible for drawing the new Constitution of India.
(iii) The Viceroy’s Executive Council would consist of Indians only with the exception of the Viceroy and the Commander-in-Chief.
(iv) The Hindus and the Muslims were to be equally represented in the Viceroy’s Executive Council.
(v) The Governor General would retain the veto power which he would use only in the interest of the people of India.
This plan was almost the reproduction of Sir Stafford Cripps plan of March 1942. It only spoke about the reconstruction of the Viceroy’s Executive Council in an amended form.