After Paying Coins Lakshmi Rests Assured That Would Daughter Miriams Letter Although Grave

After paying five gold coins to Lakshmi Das, Ali rests assured that he would get his daughter, Miriam’ … As Ali, write the diary entry…


15 September 2014 10 p.m.
Dear Diary

After meeting Lakshmi Das and giving him five golden guineas, I am feeling relieved now. I only wish that he will surely deliver Miriam’s letter at my grave. What a miserable life I have led for the last five years.

Being a staunch lover of humanity I realised that the whole universe is made through love and grief of separation is inescapable. After the marriage of my daughter Miriam, I have realized what separation is. I have not got any letter from her for the past five years.

I wanted to tell her and shpw her that I have changed. I have left hunting since the day of her marriage. I wanted to tell her how much I love her. So, I became a routine visitor to the post-office for having news of my own daughter, though I was called by the names like ‘pest’, ‘mad person’, etc. But I never minded and waited for the letter only. The postman made fun of me. The post master scolded me but I had a hope for the letter. Father’s heart would always miss the daughter though I was always humiliated by everyone in the post-office.

Now, I sense my last days are approaching. I have given five golden guineas to the clerk Laxmi Das and requested him to put my letter on my grave when it arrives. Ultimately, I have to leave for my heavenly abode believing the letter would come, though after my death.

May God bless you Miriam.